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[30 Day Chip Challenge] Day 19: A Pairing You’ve Rooted for Since the Beginning. (Part II)
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (also known as CheesePie from the fandom). 
Cheese Sandwich, voiced by “Weird Al” Yankovic*, made his debut in “Pinkie’s Pride” (season 4, episode 12). Because of the excellent story, memorable music, and superb voice acting this episode is in my Top 5 Favorite MLP Episodes. Hoofs down!
These two are perfect for each other. I have never shipped a pairing so hard until this episode came out. 
I have never been fond of the opposites attract trope. It rarely seems to work well in most canons and even in real life. In my humble fangirl opinion, the best ships share common interests and have similar or complimenting personalities. 
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich are both party ponies (similar goals), Earth ponies (similar heritage—not as important but worth noting), they both have a natural sensing ability (something unique about themselves that they can bond over), both deal with personal demons (Pinkie has manic/depressive episodes and Cheese Sandwich was painfully shy as a filly), and both are “weird.” (Ha! Get it?) Everything about them together just fits. There is no forcing and squinting our imaginations to make this ship work. It just does. 
I would love to see this same episode by from Cheese Sandwich’s POV. Honestly, I’d just be happy to see Cheese Sandwich again. “Weird Al” has gone on record that he is a fan of MLP, so it is my fondest hope that he will return to voice Cheese Sandwich in a future episode. 
OTP = One True Pairing. CheesePie is my OTP. And all these feels were ignited from a single episode. (The feels!) Incidentally, the amount of fan art to come out of this single MLP episode is nothing short of astonishing, feeding my love for this pairing. I am always hungry for CheesePie. ;) 
*To NOTE: “Weird Al” Yankovic released his latest album, Mandatory Fun, 4 months after “Pinkie’s Pride” aired. This would be the first comedy music album to hit #1 in over 50 years. I liked to think that the brony community played a small part in that accomplishment. #Brohoof

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