Imagine this: 

Hiro: (seeing Baymax) Oh my God… Um, uh… oh, my God! We… thank you for the… er, food that Aunt Cass has put in front of us and *stop!*… uh, the Devil… from doing bad things? And er, get out of here!… Uh, Satan? Go! Go so… that we may live in peace. Amen.

Cass: That was very unusual, Hiro.

disneyanimation I’m so excited for #Baymax from #BigHero6 that I turned him into #Disney #Princesses Behold the robot princess

a list of some movie musicals, musicals filmed live, animated musicals, and anything of the type
across the universe (2007)
aladdin (1992)
all that jazz (1979)
an american in paris (1951)
annie (1982)
annie get your gun (1950)
beauty and the beast (1991)
billy elliot (2000)
cabaret (1972)
cats (1998)
chicago (2002)
chitty chitty bang bang (1968)
a chorus line (1985)
company (with the new york philharmonic) (2011)
dreamgirls (2006)
evita (1996)
fame (1980)
fiddler on the roof (1971)
frozen (2013)
funny face (1957)
funny girl (1968)
gentlemen prefer blondes (1953)
grease (1978)
guys and dolls (1955)
gypsy (1962)
gypsy (1993)
hair (1979)
hairspray (2007)
hedwig and the angry inch (2001)
hello, dolly! (1969)
how to succeed is business without really trying (1967)
into the woods (american playhouse) (1991)
jesus christ superstar (1973)
the king and i (1956)
legally blonde: the musical (2007)
les misérables (2012)
les misérables: 10th anniversary dream cast (1995)
the lion king (1994)
little shop of horrors (1986)
mamma mia! (2008)
mary poppins (1964)
meet me in st. louis (1944)
moulin rouge! (2001)
mulan (1998)
my fair lady (1964)
new york, new york (1977)
newsies (1992)
oliver! (1968)
on the town (1949)
the phantom of the opera (2004)
the phantom of the opera: live at the royal albert hall (2011)
pitch perfect (2012)
the producers (2005)
rent (2005)
repo! the genetic opera (2008)
the rocky horror picture show (1975)
singin’ in the rain (1952)
some like it hot (1959)
the sound of music (1965)
a star is born (1954)
sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street (2007)
victor victoria (1982)
west side story (1961)
the wizard of oz (1939)
yentl (1983)
notes: 1) not all of these are movies i have seen. i looked up lists of musicals, good or bad, and put as many as i could find here. 2) if a link is not working please contact me. 3) i have adblockplus installed so i have no idea if there are any annoying ads or popups when you watch these movies, sorry.

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So I found Doug Dimmadome at Dragon Con
AnĂ³nimo asked:
An alternate universe of where Pinkie Pie is an alicorn and Cheese Sandwich is a draconequus (The same species as Discord)?



Bring. It. On.


Ima regret this I the future